For light starters or snacks you can opt for Egg Masala Papad which consists of crispy roasted papads having a blend of grated boiled eggs and cheese with chopped tomatoes and onions, slightly seasoned with chaat masala, red chilli powder then finally decorated with a garnish of coriander. Or you could opt for sautéed dish such as Egg Boil Fry which is a light Spicy dish consisting of sautéed veggies such as chopped onions, tomatoes, green chilli .Cooked in butter and fresh aromatic spices such as garam masala, coriander powder, red chilli powder. This Tantalising sautéed masala is cooked with boiled eggs with generous amount of butter.

If you wish to relish the classic Indian omelette , you must definitely try the Royal Omelette which is typically made by beaten eggs fried in butter with a scrumptious, spicy filling of fresh vegetables such as onions, spring onions,mushrooms,tomatoes, green chillies with a seasoning of fresh herbs and pepper and loaded with lots of grated cheese on the top. More recommended suggestions would be Green and Cheese Omelette and Gravy Omelette.

To further whet the appetite, are the bright and beautiful sunny side up egg also popularly known as Half fry in the Indian cuisine .Chef’s Specials include Masala Half Fry where the scrumptious sunny side up is cooked on one side over hot butter and the masala made up of sautéed chopped onions,spring onions, tomatoes cooked in butter and fresh aromatic spices such as Kashmiri chilli powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder. The perfect golden runny texture of the egg yolk oozing out as the knife slices through it is just a treat to the eyes.

The menu also features variations in egg bhurji called Kashmiri Bhurji, the Indian style spicy scrambled eggs tossed with sautéed masala blend of fresh veggies,some aromatic herbs and chef's special spices and presented beautifully with a garnish of spring onions and coriander . And then comes the unique gotala. A Gotala is a savoury dish which is made with both soft boiled eggs and raw eggs and tossed with veggies and some spices and various sauces are added to give it more flavour and texture. Chef’s exquisite Gotala recommendations include Green Gotala and Kashmiri Gotala.

Taking a look on fusion of cuisines our dishes such as Egg Dosa which is popularly attracted the crowds and Mexican Egg Roll and Surti Patra.The Famous Egg dosa is delectable Fusion of omelette and dosa with omelette stuffed with a scrumptious, luscious filling of grated cheese and veggies chopped onions, tomatoes, spring onions and fresh spices and herbs.The well accepted Mexican egg roll is consists of thick onion gravy prepared with chopped onions, tomatoes, grated cheese and chef's special spices. With omelette stuffed with grated cheese rolled and cut into pieces and topped with this specially made gravy and grated cheese as garnish.Adding a surati touch on egg variations is Surti Patra which is prepared by using raw eggs, butter tossed with Chef's exquisite Surti style prepared gravy. made of omelette, egg yolks and some seasoning and garnish of grated cheese.

More innovative dishes include Green Paplet and Lachko .Relish the aroma of Lachko,a versatile detailed, Savoury dish prepared by using beaten raw eggs mixed thoroughly with thick layer of grated cheese .Then tossed with Chef's exquisite masala and some veggies and herbs and garnish of coriander. Another unique dish is Green Paplet which is prepared by mixing eggs with Chef Special Green Sauce fried in butter serving as the envelop to this fulfilling meal. The paplet is stuffed with a mix of grated egg and vegetables like onions, spring onions, spinach, tomatoes and green chillies with a seasoning of fresh herbs and pepper. A pinch of spicy masala and garam masala add a blast of umami to the dish.

Other chef’s recommendations include Hyderabadi Rice and Katki Kheema Rice which are a delightful concoction savoury dishes created by mixing boiled egg slices with chopped veggies and Chef's special blend of gravy made with egg yolks mixed thoroughly with basmati rice, fresh herbs and spices with spinach.

Every dish except the starters and rice is accompanied with two buttered fried pav to enhance the rich experience.