About Us

Our Journey

EGG STATION is a brain child of a mumbai based egg enthusiast, Ankit Dalal.

Hailing from a n educated family, Mr. Dalal is an MBA graduate and a true visionary.

His aim is to reach new geographies and scale up the number of outlets by associating with like-minded franchise partners.

He believes in clusive growth thus fulfilling dreams of many.

Indian cuisine has a remarkable place for eggs. This inexpensive, full of vitamins, minerals and high quality protein has carved its notable niche in the Indian diet in various forms such as omelettes ,bhurji, sunny side up, ghotalas and is booming in the indian food market as well.One such place is EGG STATION which provides diverse, tantalising, hearty comfort food in eggs.

Extensive selection of delectable and wholesome varieties in egg dishes and reasonable pricing are the key factors which have been drawing the crowd.

The kitchen team is constantly experimenting with textures and flavours to come up with inspirational creations to entice and keep the menu fresh and exciting.